From CRM-Pros to AgriPros

Precision Marketing with the AgroCRM solutions
With impressive dynamics farm sizes are changing and thus the purchasing and investment processes in the agricultural market. This is not without consequences for the companies involved in agribusiness. Fewer and fewer farmers decide on bigger budgets. Only those who know precisely the customer needs, decision making and investment cycles, are thos who are at the right time with the right message at the right place! We call it `Precision Marketing`. Those companies that understand will continue to strengthen and expand its market position reliably - and exactly for doing that we are your partner! With the specifically developed CRM packages (by Agro Solutions for AgriBusiness) such as the software AgroCRMand service package AgroServ you will get straightforward, powerful solutions for an optimized customer profitability and sustainable strengthening your competitive position. By the way - all leading European fertilizer producers are already working with a CRM solution from AgroSolutions!